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Jane Iredale is a highly-sophisticated blend of minerals and pigments which are micro-pulverized, using proprietary technology and processes to form microscopic flat crystals. These crystals overlap each other on the skin to form a filter that allows the skin to breathe and function normally while still protecting it from air-borne pollutants. The staying power of the minerals is so great that they rarely need a touch-up during the day. And because these silky-feeling powders are water resistant, they won't crease or smear even during the most strenuous exercise.

    SPF 18 Pressed Bases & SPF 20 Loose Bases – Formulated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the minerals give instant, broad-spectrum, chemical-free sun protection. They also have a Very Water Resistant rating
    Apply with a brush or a sponge for coverage that it would normally take three products to achieve. The result should look sheer and luminescent and feel weightless.
    Under a microscope, the mineral crystals look like overlapping fish scales, this creates a soft foucus look.The minerals are non-comedogenic. We have many accounts from acne patients testifying to improvement in their skins since using our mineral makeup.
    Allergies and sensitivities are usually caused by substances that cause irritation to the skin. Substances that most commonly cause these sensitivities are chemical preservatives, chemical dyes (usually labeled as FD&C), perfume and alcohol. Our makeup contains none of these sensitizers. In fact, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are anti-inflammatories and help calm the skin.
  • Specialty/Holiday make-up.........$45.00
  • Make Over & lesson.......$45.00
  • *Free with any Make up purchase
  • Lash Tinting................$45.00

Get beautiful lashes that appear longer and darker without mascara or fuller looking lashes when using mascara.Great for a natural look that is waterproof and wont smear in the summer heat.Colors:Black,Charcoal,Blue-Black,Graphite, Light brown,dark brown,and blue.

  • Brow Tinting...............$25.00

Match your brows to your hair color or simply have them look more defined, without a pencil or re-applying. Waterproof and sweat proof. Colors:Black,Graphite,Auburn,Light brown,Dark brown and chestnut.We can also custom mix colors to get your perfect match.

  • Lash & BrowTinting........$40.00
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